Dua Lipa Emerges Victorious in Plagiarism Lawsuit Over Her Song ‘Levitating’

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Dua Lipa was facing a plagiarism lawsuit in Los Angeles since last year, filed by the reggae group Artikal Sound System. The group claimed that there were “similarities” between Dua Lipa’s song “Levitating,” released in 2020, and their own song “Live Your Life” from 2017.

In their lawsuit, the group argued that their song was so well-known that the songwriters of “Levitating” must have heard it. However, the judge didn’t agree with this argument. According to the judge, it was too vague and lacked substantial evidence to be considered valid.

The judge stated, “The plaintiffs’ failure to specify the frequency with which they performed ‘Live Your Life’ in public during the specified period, where those performances occurred, and the size of the venues and/or audience prevents the court from plausibly concluding that the plaintiffs’ live performances of the song contributed to its saturation in the markets where the defendants would have encountered it,” as reported by Billboard.

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