The Validity of Prince Harry’s US Visa Challenged by Conservative Think Tank

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Is the U.S. Immigration Service allowing Prince Harry to reside in the United States following the proper procedure? That’s what The Heritage Foundation, a conservative American think tank, wants to find out, aiming to prove that the Department of Homeland Security “deliberately refuses to strengthen the country’s immigration laws and is responsible for the current border crisis.”

Why might the son of King Charles III not be able to reside in the United States, despite being married to an American citizen with whom he has two children? Well, it’s because in his autobiography, “The Substitute,” the Duke of Sussex revealed that he had used drugs in the past. This is a topic addressed in every U.S. visa application and could result in a ban from entering the country.

Response expected next week The right-wing think tank has requested to review Prince Harry’s case from the U.S. government. So far, all agencies, including the U.S. Border Patrol, have denied this request, as reported by CNN. The matter now rests with the Department of Homeland Security, with a judge giving the department until next Tuesday to make a decision.

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