The group Time Mizik makes their return with their latest single entitled “Sak ta di”

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Time Mizik, an emerging group on the French music scene since 2022, highlights love, a recurring theme in many musical compositions. Their latest track, “Sak ta di”, addresses the delicate subject of a romantic breakup caused by an act of infidelity.

Created in May 2022 in Paris by percussionist James D., aka Djames Riguerre, Time Mizik took his first steps on stage on March 19, 2023 at the Paul Éluard theater in Stains, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

The group enthusiastically takes on the challenge of producing their first single and video clip. Their first track, “Genyen w”, has already met with some success, and their new track, “Sak ta di”, is also enjoying a good trajectory on social networks. Aiming to establish itself and make a place for itself in the Haitian music industry, the group considers this new project as a starting point, promising to continue to create quality music to deserve their just recognition.

You are encouraged to discover the Time Mizik group for yourself.

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