A journey into tele-cinema: The story of Dilan Vijaya Wickramakeerthi

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Dilan Vijaya Wickramakeerthi’s journey into the world of tele-cinema began with a childhood memory that ignited a passion for storytelling that would endure throughout his life. Inspired by his father, a makeup artist in the television industry, Dilan was drawn to the magic of cinema from a young age. This early exposure laid the foundation for his future career as a director and editor, where he would make significant contributions to the Sri Lankan television world.

Beginnings and Motivation

At the age of 12, Dilan accompanied his father to the set of a television series, where he was captivated by the process of creating stories for the screen. This experience planted the seed of ambition in his heart: “to create meaningful and impactful content that would resonate with viewers.” Armed with a pocket camera, Dilan began his own cinematic journey, documenting life in his village and honing his storytelling skills.

Major Achievements and Contributions

As a professional director and editor of tele-series, Dilan made significant contributions to the industry. He has a keen eye for selecting tele-series that entertain not only but also inspire positive change. His dedication to creating high-quality content earned him recognition as one of the youngest tele-series editors in Sri Lanka. Dilan’s work extends beyond entertainment; it is about using the power of storytelling to shape society and leave a lasting impression on future generations.

Overcoming Challenges

Dilan’s journey has been fraught with challenges, from starting out with borrowed equipment to facing professional setbacks. However, he has always approached these challenges with determination and resilience. “After a huge failure in life, we become a stronger person. I believe that in this field, failures build a more creative artist and more beautiful and meaningful creations.”

Approach and Style

Dilan takes pride in never having taken any courses or training related to tele-cinema. He did his best to learn on his own. His experiences have truly been helpful in improving his skills. “I am always active on social media and keep myself updated on the latest trends in our field of work. I follow some social media platforms to learn things and practice them by myself. I believe that technological updates are the most powerful means for self-learning.”

Projects and Future Goals

Currently, I am engaged in writing scripts for two upcoming tele-series, which I will also direct. They are in the works. “Apart from that, I wish to venture into the field of cinema. Most likely, my first film will be shot early next year. That’s one of the major goals of my life. I want to move forward while correcting my mistakes and developing my skills.”

Contributions to Society

Through his work, Dilan strives to positively contribute to society by addressing important issues and sparking meaningful conversations. His tele-series serve as a platform for social change, inspiring viewers to think critically and act responsibly. “I want to leave positive messages through my tele-series. My creations are directly related to the current issues in society.”

Influential People and Events

Throughout his journey, Dilan has been influenced by several people and events that have shaped his career. “I remember a story when I was 17 in Colombo. I started writing a script with a friend who shared my boarding house. I believed a lot in this person. I shared my ideas with him. However, the drama was built in 6 months. Eventually, the friend stole my script and ran away from the boarding house, then sold it to another tele-series producer. It’s one of the most valuable experiences I’ve ever had. But I learned a lesson from this incident and strengthened my confidence more than before. Now, I really know how to deal with such people.”

Advice to Aspiring Artists

To aspiring artists, Dilan offers words of wisdom drawn from his own experiences. “Life is full of problems, challenges, and sadness. I anticipated these things and faced them with confidence. I think it develops with experiences. I believe we will be strong when we face the challenges of our life. After a huge failure in life, we become a stronger person. I believe that in this field, failures build a more creative artist and more beautiful and meaningful creations.”

In conclusion, Dilan Vijaya Wickramakeerthi’s journey into tele-cinema is a testament to the transformative power of storytelling. Through his work, he has touched the hearts of many viewers and left a lasting imprint on the world of Sri Lankan television. His story is one of determination, resilience, and passion—a true inspiration for aspiring filmmakers worldwide.


Author: Santhia Antoine

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